ER.I.C (Emilia-Romagna Intermodal Cluster), the Intermodal Cluster of Emilia Romagna Region, launches 2 new training initiatives aimed at inserting new skilled figures in their operative context. The subscription to the Courses is open.

On the next Fabruary 26th there are going to be, at the Confidustria Emilia-Romagna in Bologna and on March 4th in Ravenna at the Employment Centre, the first 2 meetings aimed at showing the educational paths promoted by ER.I.C., Cluster of the two intermodal hub of Emilia-Romagna Region, to which enterprises promoting the initiative will take part. 

The initiative is part of the actions lauched for the training sector of the enterprises that joined to ER.I.C., and aimed at creating new professional figures able to contribute to the qualification and strengthening of the system of the regional competences concerning the logistic, railway and intermodal sector.

In autumn, in this context, after having identified the real necessities of the competences carried out with enterprises (Cepim – Parma Inerport, Dinazzano Po, Hupac- Intermodal Terminal of Piacenza, Bologna Interport, Lotras, Logtainer, Port of Ravenna – Portual System Authority of Central-Northern Adriatic Sea, Terminali Italia – FS Group), two training projects were shown for the figures of Intermodal Terminal Manager and Multimodal Transport Operator, financed by the European Social fund and Emilia-Romagna Region.

The two courses are entirely free of charge thanks to the co-funding and are a real opportunity to create new professional figures at regional level, to be inserted in the enterprises of the Cluster ER.I.C., where traineeships enshrined in the training programs will be carried out.

The actors who implemented the project are Sestante Romagna and ITL (Foundation Institute on Transport and Logistics). The course will be held in Ravenna (Rue Barbani 8/10 – Ravenna).

The training courses are going to last 500 hours for the “Intermodal Terminal Manager” and 600 hours for the Terminal Operator, with a start-up expected on April 1st and May 2nd.

To join, suffice it to send the CV together with the registration form that you can download from the website and send to the person in charge for the course, Ms Elena Strocchi, at the email address

For information, please call 00390544 210425.