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Lotras System is part of the Palletways network, so as to offer its own customers a complete and efficient transport service.

The palletways network allows to manage not only the full load truck and the Collective shipment, but also the delivery of the single pallet, that with difficulty can be managed in another way.

The Italian Palletsaway network, founded in 2000, is specialized on the express delivery of palletized goods; It has 86 depots, which are widespread strategically throughout the national territory matching their own resources to offer a range of fast, flexible and high quality palletized freight services.

Fast service:

24/48 h Deliveries throughout the national territory with Premium Service or 72/h deliveries with Economy service, maintaining the same level of quality and efficiency.

Flexible service:

Management of cash on deliveries, tail-lift deliveries, depalletization, timed pallet deliveries for large retailers. Optional and additional insurance, reverse Logistics.


Dedicated customer service to ensure customers the goods tracking

The Italian Palletways belongs to the Palletways Group, that is located in 11 European countries with 11 warehouses and 300 depots. This method of palletizing freight services makes possible of transferring all the characteristics of an European transport to a National transport.


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