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A functional system for the integrated Logistics regarding the goods flow and the dedicated management of interconnected activities and services.

This is the mission of Lotras, a successful company in the management of logistic platforms, which has implemented its own assets in Emilia Romagna with Lotras system – Ratio systems and its warehouses; through which, together with the international train networks and terminals, is able to provide to the manufacturing and commercial companies, prompt, efficient and eco-sustainable answers in relation to the transports, storage and distribution.

Ratio Systems –a leading company in the sector of integrated Logistics, was founded in 2000 to answer to the increasing requests of companies, that surrounded by a market with a strong specialization, have decided to concentrate their core business on the manufacturing and commercial companies, by outsourcing some functions such as Logistics, transport and distribution to third-party companies.

Lotras system is the focus of Logistics chain, offering not only goods storage and goods flow towards factories, but also different prior and posterior services, that contribute to build up every link of the production chain, that is ruled by the ‘’just in time ‘’ method.

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